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Meet the Mentors

Flora Ajayi

Major: Nursing Minor: Public Health

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I am a triplet.

Shirley Ayala

Major: International Studies

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I was born twice.

Sarah Bennett 

Major: Elementary Education and English

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I was born in a car in Jamaica

Jabari Brown

Major: Computer Science  Minor: Music

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I can play piano and trumpet.

Delisson Bueno

Major: Health and Exercise Science with a MCAT prep track

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I am a Ritmo Latino dance team member.

Asia De Lande

Major: Biology-Psychology Minor: WGS

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I love Selena not Gomez.

Anisa Douglas 

Major: Early Childhood Education & Psychology

Class: Junior

Fun Fact:I have travelled to 12 different countries.

Brigiette Garcia

Major: Nursing

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I am a lefty!

Loriann Guzman

Major: Switching to Communication

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I like to listen to foreign music!

Diamond Hackley

Major: Open-Options- HSS

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I know the first 50 digits of Pi.

Welington Jimenez

Major: Economics

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I love cliff diving.

Maxine Lopez

Major: Political Science

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I like to draw in my free time.

Gayle Mayani

Major: International Studies/ Business Marketing

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I had to get stitches on my tongue when I was 5 years old.

Brittani McLemore

Major: Chemistry

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I play Xbox games in my free time.

Sumayah Medlin

Major: English

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I once cried in Eick talking about Toy Story 3.

Andrea Hormaza Moreno

Major: Public Health

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: is that for any place that I go, I’ll most likely have a coupon for it.

Vanessa Oyeneye

Major: Psychology

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I was born in Texas (same hospital as Beyoncé).

Lloyd Padmore 

Major: Finance

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I have bowled 2 Perfect  Game.

Maggie Paragian

Major: Communications:Radio, Television, and Film Production

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I once cried in Eick talking about Toy Story 3.

Danielle Parks 

Major:  Philosophy

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I know all the lyrics to the songs from Hamilton: An American Musical.

Sofia Charvet Pena

Major: Mathematics and Secondary Education

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I love to draw and play tennis.

Juliana Recarey

Major: Elementary Education & iSTEM

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I am the Secretary of SNJEA and the Treasurer for the Society of Human Resource Management!

Dejon Ricketts

Major: Urban Elementary Education and History

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I am related to both Halle Berry and Joe Louis.

Cindy Robinson 

Major: Interdisciplinary Business/ Public Policy Track Minor: Psychology

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I’ve repelled off a castle in Ireland.

Allizey Shields

Major: Health & Exercise Science

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: My favorite television show is Scandal!

Taylor Smith

Major: Biology

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I used to play clarinet on the TCNJ Pep Band.

Alexis Suarez

Major: Nursing

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: I have played soccer since I was 4.

Amanda Tarantino

Major: Elementary Education and English

Class: Junior

Fun Fact: I used to be a student ambassador for the government.

Alessandra Thomas

Major: International Studies Minor: Arabic

Class: Sophomore

Fun Fact: I play the violin!

Zane Thompson- Bradley 

Major: Interactive Multimedia  Minor: Computer Science and Marketing

Class: 2021

Fun Fact: I play Club Ultimate Frisbee

Jawan Turner

Major: Interactive Multimedia  Minor: Graphic Design

Class: Senior

Fun Fact: My eyes change color depending on the season.