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About the Program

Welcome to The College of New Jersey’s PRIDE Mentoring Program. The college offers many beneficial opportunities for our students to mature throughout their college years. By assisting our students in assimilating into college life, we are also increasing their chances for success throughout their education—as well as in their future careers. The PRIDE Mentoring Program at TCNJ is a unique way for students to achieve a compassionate and supportive welcome to The College of New Jersey and its campus community. Vice Presidents, Academic Deans, Faculty and Staff members have dedicated their time to mentor students and help make this program a success.

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Welcome from the Assistant Director

P.R.I.D.E. Mentoring Program (PMP) students are engaged in an interactive and holistic development program designed to support them throughout their matriculation at the college. Working with (PMP) students is very rewarding. My goal is to serve as an advocate and motivate students as they develop action plans for the rest of their lives. Over the past few years, the program has grown tremendously and our students are immersed in the life of our campus. There are not many places you can go on campus and not encounter a PMP family member. As a staff member, I am committed to Preparing Remarkable Individuals Determined to Excel!

Jamal T. Johnson headshot

Jamal T. Johnson

Assistant Director